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Ethereal Wellness Boutique


Live the life you WANT to live.

Have you asked yourself “What’s next?” or “What else?” Are you ready to make change in your life? Do you know you want change, but are not sure what change to make? If so, Leslie is ready to meet you where you are and together, get you where you want to be.

Coaching with Leslie is co-active. Co = together. Active = moving forward.

Free 20-minute consultation:

Let’s talk about coaching and I’ll answer any questions you have.

One-time 50-minute coaching session: $175

Change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time and work. But sometimes we have something going on that we would just like to talk through with someone. Or we want to dip our toe into coaching to see if it is what we need. We can do a one-time coaching session so that you can tackle that situation and get to know me as your coaching partner.

On-going coaching partnership: $500

You are ready for making change, creating the live you want to live and investing in you! YAY YOU! Leslie offers a 3 session monthly package. For the first month, this will include a 90-minute discovery session and 2 50-minute coaching sessions. So often, we focus on achieving goals without even asking ourselves what we really want. The discovery session focuses on WHO you are and want to be - your values, life purpose and more. Then, you get 2 50-minute coaching sessions to move the change forward. During the second month and beyond, you will have 3 50-minute coaching sessions per month. The investment is charged upfront.


Go book a coaching session or package with Leslie:

Book Online


Text: 415-637-1569


Please cancel or reschedule your session 24 hours ahead of time.

The fee for late cancellation is 50% of the fee and for no-shows is 100% of the fee.